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PEDRALI: Design Design Claudio Dondoli + Marco Pocci

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A drawer can hold precious objects as well as everyday items, to keep them safe and close to hand. In the office world, a storage system with wheels represents order and tidiness, allowing space to be organised in a functional, optimal way. With its minimal, essential lines, Boxie is remarkable for its lightness, which is guaranteed by a coated steel frame equipped with drawers, alternated with tops, both made in polypropylene.

With its square shape, rounded corners and spacious drawers fitted with an integrated handle that almost embraces them, one of the stylistic strong points of this rolling cabinet is its three-dimensional quality. Boxie has been designed to fit into latest-generation offices, open spaces and co-working hubs. Beautiful to look at from all angles, it is an interior accessory with its own strong aesthetic presence. Its unique design makes it easy to disassemble and recycle, in line with today’s environmental policies. Designed to be configured differently according to the selected combination of its elements, and available in a range of colours, Boxie has swivelling and lockable wheels that make it easy to move around, also available with fixed feet.

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PDF: Boxie 3 Drawer BXM 3C Product Sheet
PDF: Boxie 3 Drawer w/ Shelf BXH 3C Product Sheet
PDF: Boxie 2 Drawer BXL 2C Product Sheet
Boxie Catas Report

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Designer: Design Claudio Dondoli + Marco Pocci

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, designer

The “Archivolto” studio has been working with Pedrali for many years; the “Ice” chair, the “Gliss” chair and the “Smart” chair have had great success.

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci are originally from Colle d’Elsa, near Siena, where the “Archirivolto” studio still has its head office today. Dondoli and Pocci met in Florence at the university faculty of architecture where they were part of the same team. In 1983 they opened an industrial planning and architecture studio, which from 1989 has been working exclusively on industrial design.

For the “Archirivolto” studio a project starts from the direct relationship with the customer, a good product has to have an affordable price.
The search for the most innovative materials and processes allows for the best results to be achieved in terms of a quality-price ratio; this is one of the main activities of the studio.

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