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City Lights

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City Lights perfectly capture glamour and simplicity by marrying elongated lines with curved edges. Use as a solo feature, combine clusters, or create a chandelier. Enjoy the linear assurance of uniform height, or mix it up. Exuding utter sophistication, City Lights evoke the multi-faceted style that Melbourne is renowned for. Available in polished brass, anodised or powdercoated aluminium, with integrated LED light source. Dimensions: Various. Styling by Marsha Golemac, Photography by Haydn Cattach.

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PDF: City Lights Product Specification Sheet

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Designer: Rakumba

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Rakumba is the first light.

We are a committed group of thinkers, designers, makers, artisans and engineers devoted to the creation of beautiful decorative lighting.

For fifty years, we have been making beauty. Today, our strength is drawn from the integration of lighting design with our expert knowledge of each stage of producing great lights. We are proud of our traditional craft and artisan abilities. We share our mastery of technology and manufacturing willingly in true collaborations. Our attention to detail is well known, we have an ardent desire to refine and perfect.

We are an integral part of the design community, continually seeking new connections. We are a forum to exchange ideas and expertise for the designers with whom we engage and whose projects we champion. We are active mentors to a new generation of emerging designers and students of design.

As we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary in 2018, we desire nothing more than to continue to do what inspires us today, uniting design and making to create great lighting, proud of our legacy and anticipating a bright future.


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