FK Lounge


Upholstered in Tan Leather


Upholstered in Tan Leather


FK Lounge

WALTER KNOLL: Design Jørgen Kastholm & Preben Fabricius

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Lounge Chair.

Timelessly modern: at the end of the Sixties, the FK bucket seat became a model for modern design. Today it is considered a design classic all over the world. The FK lounge chair is a new release – a member of the FK family right from the start. Its significant contours make it an icon of minimalism. The timeless lounge chair with its low seat height and invitingly broad bucket convinces on its own, in a group or as a complement to seating- or lounge groups. Like the FK bucket chair and the upholstered armchair FK 86 Lounge, the FK Lounge stands on a swivel base.

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PDF: FK Lounge Chair Product Specification Sheet

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Designer: Jørgen Kastholm & Preben Fabricius

Designer: Design: Jørgen Kastholm


Inspired by functionalism and the resoluteness of Scandinavian design, which had a considerable influence on the aesthetics of the sixties, interior designers Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm devoted themselves to optimising shape, material and ergonomics. In 1961, they founded a studio together which became a birthplace of numerous classics in furnishing history. Their main concern was to clearly state the function of an aesthetic form. This principle resulted in lasting symbols of the modern age.

The FK bucket seat, designed by Fabricius and Kastholm, symbolises classical design, and is as timeless as it is modern. The chair won the very first German prize for “Good Shape” (“Gute Form”) in 1969.

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