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Folk collection accentuates the quest for simplicity. Its friendly character, the warmth of ash wood, the soft and compact dimensions, human lines seamlessly convey the concept of a chair that speaks a universal language.

The light, durable die-casted aluminium ring, becomes the structural and distinctive element which enables the chair to be easily disassembled for recycling purposes or to replace its components. The solid ash frame snugly embraces the aluminium ring that holds the seat in natural cane, which guarantees visual lightness and maximum durability thanks to the nylon yarn woven into the wicker material. The bent plywood backrest ensures total comfort and cosiness.

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PDF: Chair Folk 2920 Product Sheet

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Designer: CMP Design

CMP Design, Pedrali

The design activity of Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo is based on an open dialogue with all actors of the production process: workers, technicians, end users, business owners, but especially artisans. Building a friendly relationship with these artisans is the essential approach of their studio, which often moves in their workshops to manufacture models, prototypes, or simply to exchange ideas and learn.

Dialogue is the key to develop new ideas through comments, critiques, and contributions from each view point. There would be no creation, as it happens in Nature, without any real emotional and active involvement from multiple subjects. A creative process is set in motion by dialogue between different realities. This is what generates innovation.

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