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BILLIANI: Design Emilio Nanni

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The squaring of the circle. The frame is defined by a layout of clean lines that highlight the square, the back is made by bending the wood into a circle, at a reduced size in the chair version, more amply in the armchair.

Side and armchair in stained or lacquered ashwood, available with a choice of seats: upholstered, with rope weave, hide, or straps. A revisitation of the classic minimalist chair, with a modern twist, highlighting the Vitruvian balance in the relationship between these two pure geometrical shapes.

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PDF: Fratina Product Specification Sheet

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Designer: Emilio Nanni

Designer Emilio Nanni


Born in Bazzano, Bologna in 1955. Architect, designer, artist. He has displayed his works at numerous private exhibitions, and his design works are on display in many Italian and international state and private collections.

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