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Innovative, dynamic and unique, GardenWall is a contemporary take on the classic incorporating stackable planter units. A novel solution to integrate green living to a space, GardenWall can be selected for either outdoor or indoor settings and a variety of commercial and residential applications, too.

Manufactured with sheets of premium lightweight aluminium, GardenWall has been designed for purpose to ensure longevity and ease of use. With a lightweight quality, GardenWall is simple to both install and move around. Also featuring a recyclable HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene) tray insert, GardenWall can accommodate pots within or the tray can be removed for other planting methods.

GardenWall is commonly stacked to create a full-feature installation or even a screen structure of any width and height, aided by in-built Nylon clips. Vaunting original design detail, GardenWall can be selected with varying geometric laser-cut patterns and UV-stable powder coat colours to suit its context and plants chosen to inhabit.

First launched by Tait in 2007, GardenWall’s design is much revered for its ability to not only display plants but to further facilitate their maintenance and protection. As a result, GardenWall is greatly favoured by architects and designers when specifying for corporate, education, health and hospitality spaces.

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More than 25 years of making, designing, collaborating, refining, manufacturing, styling, thinking, working and playing.

At Tait we design and produce premium products that celebrate the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Proudly Australian owned and made, our products have become part of a contemporary outdoor furniture vernacular that speaks to Australia’s unique way of life and culture.

Established in Melbourne in 1992 by Managing Director and sheet metal craftsman, Gordon Tait, and Creative Director, Susan Tait, we have a long and proud history of collaboration and mentorship. Through our work with talented local designers, both friends and colleagues, we produce collections that are of the moment yet designed to last a lifetime.

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