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Launch Jnr Stool


Launch Jnr Stool

GOHOME: Design Ben McCarthy

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Finally the offspring of the Launch Stool, the Launch Junior stool, is born.

Designed by Ben McCarthy for Go Home, the Launch Junior stool is the ultimate kids seat.

30cm high, stackable, indestructible, and UV resistant the stools offer a stylish, modern design to complement any residential or childcare environment.

With no sharp edges or screws, the Launch Jnr is of single piece construction and made from recyclable polyetheleyne.

Moulded anti-slip feet are included at the base of each foot to provide an extra level of safety and durability.

The stools can hold up to 120kg of weight, suitable for the rugged confines of childcare centres where anyone from children, educators and adults may use the stools.

Weight 1.7kg

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Designer: Ben McCarthy

ben-mccarthy, gohome, launch

Born and raised in Sydney, Ben graduated from Industrial Design from UNSW in 2004.

His talents were immediately recognised by the British Council who facilitated his move to the UK in 2005 where he worked for Tom Dixon.

In 2007 he relocated to Hong Kong and continues to be based there. Over the years, his designs have attracted several awards and grants, from the Australian Council, to a solo show at the Object Gallery in Sydney, and exhibitions in Tokyo, London and Milan.

The gohome relationship began at the start of 2004 with the ‘Gridlock’ stool and spanned several projects from accessories, to the award winning Launch Collection, and most recently the Hollywood Chairs

Since 2013, after relocating to Sydney, Marcel began designing for gohome, releasing the Plateau Table range.


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