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PEDRALI: Design Pio e Tito Toso

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Ray is a freestanding coat-stand that masterfully combines flowing lines, accentuating the beauty of the ash wood, with the functionality of an indispensable everyday object for a variety of interior spaces. Made from plywood of varying thickness, its arms are reminiscent of tree fronds that draw inspiration from the natural world and are connected with the central steel support.

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Designer: Pio e Tito Toso

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Brothers, born in Venice, in 1973 Pio and 1971 Tito. In Venice graduating in architecture in 1998.

From 1996 begin work in society, working in the field of building projects at national and international participation in various competitions.

Cooperate also in the field of interior design, working with the most qualified companies. Contributors to the design of stands, exhibitions, shops, offices and warehouses for several companies, taking care of the image and graphics.

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