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Ypsilon Table Base

Jorge Pensi Design Studio

Ypsilon Table Base

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Product Information

Table Base.

Ypsilon table base is conceived to “orbit” on beaches, terraces and gardens, that is to resist to summertime high temperatures, and made of an aluminium structure that will keep it always cold. An aluminium extruded tube that extends itself towards the legs of its casted base, in the same material, giving to the whole shape coherence. Ypsilon leans itself on the floor softly, with transparent plastic feet, just like as it would be floating in the space that contains it. Version with top plate for glass also available.

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PDF: Ypsilon Product Specification Sheet

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Design: Jorge Pensi Design Studio

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Born in Buenos Aires in 1946, he studies Architecture in his home town. When he graduates in 1971 he has already begun designing furniture as a partner of an interior design business.

In 1975 he leaves Argentina, acquires Spanish citizenship and in 1977 settles in Barcelona. Together with designer Alberto Liévore and theorists Norberto Chaves and Oriol Pibernat he sets up the “Berenguer Group”.
In 1984, Jorge Pensi opens his own design office. He works for international companies as designer and architect. From 1993 he takes up teaching.

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