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#004 Niche


#004 Niche

PROOF: Design Axia Design

Product Information

Meeting/ Privacy Chairs.

Together or alone, with a colleague, a client or acquaintance, Niche offers a perfect environment to hold one’s meetings. The Niche facilitates this possibility in exposed public space. The idea for this design is inspired by the object of a ‘sheath’ or ‘enveloping structure’ which allows the user to immerse oneself in total concentration within an open public space. The early sketches of Niche outline not only its functionality but also its natural qualities by incorporating a soft and organic approach to its design.

Form follows function as the sober beauty of Niche adapts easily to many different environments. Experience the Niche as you are embraced and the world around you fades away. Opening up the possibility of comfort and security, it allows you the control and the concentration you need in your meetings.

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#004 Niche Product Specification Sheet

SA Product Register:

Design: Axia Design

Axia Design, proof


AXIA Design has been creating concepts in interior, furniture and product design since 1985. The six architects and designers translate the needs of a workplace, especially the needs of the organisation and its employees, into contemporary and timeless creations while focusing on usage, comfort and accessibility. With their refined aesthetics and minimalistic lines, their designs can be integrated easily in both public spaces and offices.

Their furniture designs for Prooff, including the PhoneBox, Niche and StandAlone, incorporate strong acoustic solutions to provide comfortable and quiet work environments while promoting more active work behaviours.

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