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Compass Table System


Compass Table System

NIELS GAMMELGAARD DESIGN: Design Niels Gameelgaard

Product Information

Table System.

The Compass Table was designed by award winning Danish designer Niels Gammelgaard. This table is adaptable to all collaborative spaces – boardrooms, meeting rooms, breakout and tea rooms. This product is Australian made in an environmentally sustainable factory.

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SA Product Register:

Designer: Niels Gammelgaard



I want to do good with my designs.
I want to make an ordinary life a little bit more comfortable. A little bit more enjoyable. A little bit more clever. Every little detail on every product has to fulfill my do-good mission. I want to explore the core of the design. I want to make the most of it. Find the kernel benefit that will improve and enrich your life.

— Niels Gammelgaard

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