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Oasis in open space. Ground and air. Strength and lightness. Volume and clean lines. Comfortable upholstery floating over understated legs. Distinction with discretion. The best of both worlds.

Closed quarters in an open office. Jaan Silent creates private islands: in a workspace, a lounge or at an airport. Everywhere we live, work, travel and are on the move, the Silent sofa structures space, issuing fine invitations for a spontaneous get-together in a small team, a creative session or quite simply five minutes of ‘me’ time.

The more open the design of our working worlds and public areas, the more significant areas of retreat become. A sofa and a bench were to be designed for Jaan Silent that would give maximum privacy without overloading a room. The solution consists of screens with a new kind of construction made of fine upholstery, laminated wood and aluminum. Jaan Silent was developed entirely with a focus on its use. The system is flexible, extendible and can be combined individually. The Jaan Silent sofa with light, soft upholstery and a comfortable seating space. The Jaan Silent bench with formal upholstery and more compact dimensions. The backs and sides of the screens come in different lengths and depths, making it possible to realize private U shapes, semi-open L shapes or large open room dividers. This results in a private space in an open office. The best of both worlds.

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Designer: EOOS.

Design EOOS, Walter knoll, Adelaide, furniture, designer furniture, German

“We love the strange, the paradox and the spontaneous.”

EOOS develops its talents as a team. The Austrian designers Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl actually recognised the special synergy of their talents during their studies at the College of Applied Art in Vienna where they all attended Paolo Piva’s design master class. In 1995, they founded a studio together and since then have constantly developed their own special methodology.

They refer to their road to creativity as poetical analysis. The designers search for the sense and function of design through the culture of human rituals. And that’s how they create new concepts in product and retail design for clients such as Bulthaup, Duravit, Zumtobel, Armani Cosmetics and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In their inspiring office in Vienna city centre, the three intransigent thinkers implement their ideas – for projects all over the world from Milan to Toronto, London to New York, Berlin to Herrenberg. Herrenberg is where the three started their career in 1997 with their fascination for the history of Walter Knoll. The spirit of the founders is more up-to-date today than ever before: designers of life’s events.

To date, the team has been awarded more than 130 design prizes including the Compasso d’Oro. Special recognition: the MAK, the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, mounted an individual exhibition on EOOS in 2015 which provided insight into the designers’ work process and showcased their extensive and eclectic work.

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