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Snooze is a sound absorbing panel for walls and ceilings, studied to increase the acoustic quality of every office space, making them cosier; at the same time, it decorates and makes rooms livelier thanks to the wide fabric range.

Its shape reminds sound diffusers and it is composed by a core of hot-moulded polyester fibre in different densities and thicknesses; in the middle there is a metal element that, besides being a graphic sign, allows a quick assembly and an easy installation. The removable cover guarantees simple maintenance, great flexibility and customisation in colours and fabrics choice, making it easily combined with other furniture components.

Multiple Snooze panels, placed side by side in different combinations, allow better sound absorbing performances.

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PDF: Snooze Product Specification Sheet

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Designer: Marcello Ziliani

Marcello Ziliani, Pedrali, Sound Panel, Adelaide, South Australia, Furniture, Accessories


Marcello Ziliani was born in Brescia in 1963 under the sign of Pisces.
In 1988 he graduated in architecture at Politecnico di Milano with Achille Castiglioni as a speaker (and teacher unmatched).

After three years abroad, he returned to Italy and devoted himself mainly to developing projects for the design of furniture, complement, lighting, bathroom, office, objects and early childhood, working in addition to exhibitions, theatrical scenographer, art direction, design coordination, graphics and communication.

He doesn’t like the absolutism and the indestructible certainties, he loves to look at things with always different eyes to be in tune with them, he prefers to speak softly and, above all, listen.

He believes that any project is, after all, a desire, a hope of flight.
He believes that, despite the great run you can do waving your arms uselessly, sooner or later you can have your ten meters of gliding.

Like all the designers, more or less, he put aside the minimum necessary equipment of prizes and awards, he has given lectures, workshops, he served on juries, he took part in exhibitions etc..

Since 2011 he’s a professor of product design at the University of San Marino / IUAV

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